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Inspiration is a central topic for most woodturners. Where do you get your ideas for your next piece? Inspiration is hard to find sometimes. I recently spotted this piece by Max Brosi. It is one of those pieces that you just stare at in awe for a while. It is absolutely incredible. No surprise then, that it got 1st place in the RDS National Craft Awards 2015.

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How to: Manage a small business and do a Leaving Cert

One of the most common things people asked me at the RDS was “Where do you get the time?”. I’m still unsure about the answer to that! Trying to manage a business, no matter how small, is very difficult to do, and requires a lot of dedication. While I was preparing for the Crafts & Design fair, I also had 3 projects to be done in school, on top of the homework and study, so those…

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Named one of top 15 rising stars of 2015

I was recently very surprised to learn that I was named by as one of the top 15 rising young stars of 2015. Looking at this list, there is a talented bunch of people on it so I was honoured to be chosen. Also featured on the list, and from Tullamore, were the five piece folk/pop band RuggedWood. This is a huge achievement for me, especially since I haven’t been able to do a…

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