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The Square bowl

Perfectly balanced and proportioned, this bowl is handcrafted from Irish beech, ash or elm. The Square bowl can be used as a decorative or functional piece. Finished using Danish oil which enhances the beauty of the wood, and also makes this bowl perfect for use with food.

Oak square bowl

Elm square bowl












Spalted beech square bowl

The process of making the square bowl

The square blank is cut from a plank of wood. It is then mounted on the lathe, and the outside and inside are rough turned, with the walls left thick and only the basic outline of the curves. It is then put into a kiln for 2 months, which gets rid of any excess moisture in the wood. The bowl will warp and move as it dries, which is why the walls are left thick. After this, the bowl is remounted, the inside and outside are finish turned, sanded and oiled. The base of the bowl is then signed.